Newsletter Vol 39 / Issue 04


My wife and I spent Monday afternoon waiting for the eclipse to put us in the dark. We were sorely disappointed. At best things just dimmed a little. Sigh. I think I stay in the dark a lot without an eclipse. And it definitely comes around more often and lasts more than a few minutes.

Now let’s get started with SPLINTERS.

March Meeting

Thanks to Sam Clark for his program on dust collection. I’m hoping there will be no dust collectors needed in Heaven. <grin>

April Meeting

The program for April 16 will be Shop Tips and Tricks by Goeff Roehm, Gary Runyon and Jim Jolliffe

March 2024 Show & Tell

 Joe Ferraro brought 2 Bowls: One was made from Spalted Maple, and other from Ambrosia Maple. Both were finished with Lacquer.

Sam Clark showed us his bowls made from Spalted Hackberry finished with Water Lox, a Cherry bowl finished with Lacquer, and a Cherry platter finished with Odie’s Oil.

Rick Laws brought an old school bow saw from Walnut. He finished it with Polyurethane.

Dayle Mathis displayed his Box Elder bowl finished in Wax.

Darren Earle showed us an unfinished Rattleback made from Bronze.

Tony Murphy made a bar stool from Walnut and Cherry. For a finish he used Oil/Varnish. He also showed us a Baltic Birch jig used for the chair.

Billy Tiller brought in a toolbox and a mallet. He used Pine, Oak, Cherry, and Maple and used a 3-part finish of Oil, Shellac, and Varnish.

Vince Zaccardi turned a Cherry and Epoxy bowl which was unfinished.

Richard Gulley showed us his 1st ever carving along with several others, and a rebuilt plane.

Mystery Show & Tell Someone showed two bowls and neither Vince nor I could remember who brought them. Looking forward to identifying them.

Internet Links of Interest

In support of our April program, here are a few Tips and Tricks links-

And two YouTube Videos –

Carver’s Corner

The Splinter Carvers continue to meet first and third Saturdays of the month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am (whether Jim’s there or not).  The shop is located at 201 Jolliffe Acres Ln, Tullahoma. Tools and wood are available at the meetings, just bring yourself and try your hand at carving!

We’re hoping to see results from the Roger Stegall Carving Seminar at the April Show N Tell.

Sweeping Up

Here’s some funnies to brighten your day-


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