Visitor Information

Visitors are always welcome at Club meetings and events!

We’re occasionally asked what it takes to become a member of the Tennessee Valley Woodworkers. Well the answer is simple: If you are a woodworker or just interested in things ‘Wood’ you are welcome to come to our meetings as a guest. There are no other requirements than those. Our Club is made up of a full range of skills from folks who just like to be around woodworkers all the way to fully fledged experts in the craft. We do all sorts of woodworking from carpentry to full wood art. If, after visiting, you find you wish to be a full participant in the Club, see our Treasurer who will register you and collect your dues. Dues are $10 single or $15 family and are prorated over the year. We’re affordable, available, and a friendly bunch, so don’t be hesitant. Come be our guest.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of EVERY month at the UTSI main campus room H111.  We begin at 6:30 PM and are generally done by 8:30 PM.  Send an email to if you need detailed directions.