Welcome to TVW

New member: Welcome to Walt Elliot, our newest member.  Walt lives in Manchester TN.  His contact information is available on our private Member Roster accessible on the list to the right side of this page.

The Executive Committee has published the strategy addressing the Pandemic.  Click here to read: Pandemic Strategy.

The Executive Committee has concluded that regular Club meetings will be put on hold until further notice.   The Carvers group will continue to meet as scheduled.  Other activity may be forthcoming based on conditions as they develop.  Stay turned here and in Splinters for information.

Members and guests may view Club published videos on the Club’s Youtube channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCBMvw434qQ5ND7wjeWat3w/   This month’s video features Loyd Ackerman and Doyle McConnell demonstrating bent laminated wood using a vacuum press.

The pandemic has interrupted a celebration of the Club’s 35th Anniversary.  When it’s possible to celebrate, the Club will announce it here and in Splinters.  The Club was formed in 1985 by seven founding fathers, woodworkers all.  The intent was promotion of woodworking and, of course, enjoyment of the members.  A short video discussion by two of the founders is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhwUMPCGTSs&t=48s


Participation in Club communications —

If you have photos to include in the Gallery or if you have written an article you want posted send to tv-w@live.com.


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