Current Minutes


July 19, 2022 Meeting

Meeting called to order by President Jim Jolliffe at 6:30pm.

Jane and Will Meyers were visiting with Matt Brothers.  Tim Dennis, Homestead Timber Frames of Crossville TN, was visiting with Program Presenter Anthony Watts.  We had two members on the Zoom call.

Jim went over of calendar of upcoming meetings and events. Full list is on the club website.

Next month is our club auction.  Please make sure you bring something to sell and bring money to buy some goodies!

The TVW Carving Bee will be held Saturday, September 17th at Jim Jolliffe’s shop (201 Jolliffe Acres Ln, Tullahoma) from 9-4 PM.  Beginning carvers can choose from a variety of carving project including, but not limited to: Relief carving, Ornament chip carving, Ornament non-chip carving, bark house carving, carving detail on turning.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided.  Carving tools are available if you don’t have any.  If you bring yours, we have sharpening capability at the event to improve your carving experience!

Gary Runyon is offering a one-on-one class at his shop for sharping planes and scrapers. Contact Gary by phone or email if interested.

Tullahoma Fine Arts Center (TFAC) is hosting a Monthly Artisan’s Market on the their grounds every third Saturday of the Month.  Please contact TFAC for more information.

Tullahoma Fine Arts Center is hosting the Arts Alive Juried Art Show on the grounds of the South Jackson Civic Center 30 Sep – 1 Oct.

The Coffee County Fair asked the Club to support the Fair this year from Saturday 3 Sep to Saturday 10 Sep.  Proposed hours for our “booth” is weekends (including Labor Day 5 Sep) from 1 – 8 PM and weekdays from 5 – 8 PM.  Entrance to our building will be unobstructed and the Fair Leader said live music will nearby so should it increase traffic flow.  Jim noted Fair participation is a great way to attract new members!  Fair admission is free to volunteers.  We sought a list of potential volunteers for 2-3 hour “shifts” during Fair week.  We had a half dozen or more hands in the meeting so we agree we could support.

Klingspor is offering 10% off to club members. To get the discount, members need to “opt in” by selecting “yes” and then providing contact information to Klingspor via the club’s records.  A sheet was passed around for those wishing to sign up.

There is a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to refinish antique furniture. Contact Matt Brothers.


Will Meyers and Matt Brothers showed pictures of a “floating” bunk bed Will made.  His mother, Jane Meyers, reached out to Matt when Will expressed interest in building a bed.  Will made the bed out of red oak and used Varathane Honey Stain and lacquer as the finish.  His bunk bed ladder was made of ¾” pipe with wooden stair treads.  The pipe was wrapped in rope to look like a rope ladder but, in fact, the “pipe ladder” provided the outside corner stability necessary to allow the bed to appear to be “floating”.  Well done, Will!

Paul Jalbert showed a 1/12th scale sailboat complete with working tufted sails, working sheets and wind direction labels he built as a sailing training device for the Tim’s Ford State Park youth sailing program.  The sailboat was mounted on an axis so the boat moved.  He made the training model out of sourwood and finished it with Danish Oil.

Larry Wendland showed a clock made out of a cross section of an ambrosia maple log.  While beautiful, Larry wanted to emphasize the use of CedarShield as a stabilizing material.  When wet wood is soaked in CedarShield (previously known as Turners Choice), it displaces the water in the wood’s cells and then dries as crystals.  Once dried, Larry finished the clock with rattle-can lacquer.

Gary Bennett showed 4 gnomes he made of scrap mahogany and spalted poplar inspired from YouTube.  Once the bodies are turned, he uses a Forstner bit to hollow the body top to receive the hat.  He turns the hat tenon to the Forstner bit diameter.  The gnomes had various hat styles and wood types and beards made from fur purchased at Hobby Lobby.  He finished the wood with tung oil and glued the beards on with hot melt glue.


Anthony presented a “start to finish” program of his 24’ x 42’ Timber Frame work shop.  He was assisted by Tim Dennis of Homestead Timber Frames of Crossville TN.  The shop was built on a crawlspace to provide room for hidden ductwork under the shop.  He worked the design with Tim and broke ground in April 2020 (at the start of the pandemic) and recently finished it.  The HOA required his shop follow his home’s design.  Three timber frame “bents” were spaced out on 15’ centers.  The last 12’ of space of the shop was traditionally framed to provide Anthony an office and restroom on the first floor and a loft on the second floor.  Each bent weighed approximately 2,200 pounds and was anchored to reinforced joists on the crawlspace deck.  Gerts provided the lateral stability to the walls and perlins stabilized the roof system.  The inside bent feature a scissor truss with a vertical king post.  The bents were made of white oak and pegged (no metal fasteners).  Anthony installed 2×6 wall framing and insulation and the flooring.  He contracted the HVAC work.  The exterior is brick on lower half ship lap siding on the upper half.  The roof is angled and shingled to match his home.  He has a 10’ covered area on the back of the shop for additional wood storage, his shop dust collection system and trailer storage.  The club will plan a shop tour for the membership so we can see this beautiful and functional structure!

Meeting adjourned at 8:15.