Current Minutes


Meeting 12/20/2022

Meeting called to order by President Jim Jolliffe at 6:30pm.

Visiting Guest: Joetta Sautter.

Review of 2023 Calendar of Events:

Month            Presenter                    Program

January            Tony Murphy              Making Bar Stool

February          No Host                        Social Hour – Sharing Wood Stories & Tips

March              Bill Lester                     Making a Banjo

Complete list of events at club website.

Membership approved renewal of Zoom subscription for 2023.  Jim and Darren will work the purchase/reimbursement.

The Tool and Craft Fair was held Nov 19th.  Good turnout of woodworkers and customers.  Club suggested finding a site in Tullahoma for next year.

Jim reported on Tullahoma Tree Lighting November 26th. Thanked members who participated. Will promote for next year’s event.

Jim also showed pictures of Club Christmas Party held December 10th.  All enjoyed the food and the festivities.  Richard Gulley noted that if anyone wants to share their recipes, please email him and Jim Jolliffe and they will compile a recipe list and send it to the membership.

Reported on Club Library which now includes additional issues of donated Shop Notes,  Fine Woodworking magazines, Woodcarving Magazines and more!  Many books on furniture making, shop design and tools available for checkout as well.  The library is located at Jim Jolliffe’s shop.


Chris Sautter, with the use of pictures, talked about making a 4’x10′ maple drawing table for client. Started by making a large, 5’ x 11’ work table in 3 pieces. Showed process and large number of clamps needed for project, As part of project made cabinets and installed turnbuckles to hold top.  Used Tried and True finish.

Jim Jolliffe brought a pair of gingerbread men decorated using Puffy Paint (available at Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabric) and finished with satin rattle can lacquer.

Gary Runyon had a variety of bowls made from mesquite, osage orange, peach, red bud, cherry finished with shellac, oil and wax.

Mickey Knowles displayed a tea chest which he made a number of years ago with Tom Cowan..

Larry Wendland brought a number of pens. Made with Japanese wood, Bolivian wood and Chittum. Finished with CA glue on some and sanded to 12,000 grit sandpaper with others.

Darren Earle showed a large bowl made from red ash with liming and dyed blue. Finish lacquer.

Chuck Taylor had a variety of pieces, Candle holders of maple, small hollow vessel of maple, pot potpourri dish of maple, small lidded box of holly and mushroom display made using multiple woods.  The mushroom stems were offset turned two and three times to get the curves.  All finished with lacquer.

Richard Gulley had 2 spoons on a chain made out of cherry about 40 years ago for wife honoring daughters. The spoons were finished in food grade wax and “age”.  He also showed a nice nativity scene made with CNC. The nativity scene was made of Rosewood and finish with mineral oil.

Richard Dickson brought a couple mini Japanese tool boxes. One made with cherry and walnut and another with maple and ivory. He also had coffee scoops made of different woods.

Anthony Watts displayed a number of shaker boxes of different sizes. He sold of the procedure of making boxes. Made with maple and popular finish milk paint and wax.

John Hartin showed a couple large bowls made from Magnolia crotch wood. He talked about the designs.

Next meeting is January 17th, 2023.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.