Current Minutes


Meeting December 19th, 2023

Meeting called to order by President Jim J at 6:30pm.

Visiting Guest: Joetta Sauder

The annual Christmas Luncheon was a success!  Thanks to Karen Browning and set-up/tear-down team for a beautiful setting.  Thanks to all who attended and provided delicious sides and desserts to share.  The ham and brisket were delicious, as well.  To get the brisket throughout the year, visit Freddie’s in Manchester!

Announcement! Rockler has opened a store at 1622 Galleria Blvd, Brentwood, TN 37027. Grand opening specials on Saturdays from 13 Jan through 17 Feb.

Officers for 2024 were presented and approved. They are: Jim Jolliffe, President; Gary Runyon, Vice President; Darren Earle, Treasurer; Teri Smith, Secretary; Richard Gulley, Newsletter & Editor; Chuck Taylor, Membership; Christian Carroll, Publicity.

Gary Runyon offered pieces of a #12 plane, free to anyone.


MONTH                          PRESENTER                                    PROGRAM:

January 16th                Gary Runyon, Geoff Roehm, et al       Tips, Tricks and Jigs

February 20th              Sam Clark                                            Dust Collection Tips

March 19th                   No Host                                               Club Social Hour

Complete list of events at club website

PROGRAM – SUPER SHOW and TELL: (It was indeed SUPER!!)

Matt Brothers made 2 single porch chairs and a Settee garden bench with an intricate cris-cross back. All were from mahogany and finished with Teak Oil and Lacquer.

Jim Jolliffe presented the Grinch which was carved from Basswood and finished with acrylics, stain and ultra-matte finish by Vladimir Davydov.

Jim then showed three of his pieces.  He showed a carved basswood Santa with removable toys, and a tall-hatted Christmas Gnome which had a bell carved on the hat tip. He used Basswood, BLO, acrylic paint and matte lacquer for both.  He also showed a carved cottonwood bark snowman ornament finished with acrylic paints and matte lacquer.

Richard Gavagni showed 2 walking sticks he made. On one he added glow-in-the-dark resin which acts like reflectors. He also made a Christmas tree with bells, and 2 gnomes.

Chris Sautter made clipboards as Christmas presents for his family and kept one for himself. The wood types he used was maple, cherry and oak, then finished with oil. The clip was attached with Chicago screws.

Mickey Knowles turned 2 bowls from blanks left over from the Turning Bee. Both were from the same maple tree but one looked spalted and one not. The spalted bowl had a live edge and had been stored in a bag for months.

Dennis Rumer used pine scraps to make mini-pallet coasters. He also turned 2 Walnut and 2 Bocote bottle stoppers which were finished with hand poly and Minwax.

Karen Browning showed us 4 turned bowls of various wood and finished with Odie’s Oil.

Jeremy Price showed us 3 bowls he turned using Maple, Beech, and Walnut. All were finished with Odie’s Oil.

Larry Wendland showed 2 boxes he made. The Walnut one had a mirror. The Oak one had old barn wood around the 4 sides. He finished both boxes with lacquer.

Brenda Zuccaro displayed scroll saw ornaments from thin Mahogany including a Santa face. She also showed several turned ornaments made from Cherry and Walnut. These were all finished with poly.

Michael Zuccaro showed us a guitar he was working on which will be finished with French Polish. He used hand sawn Mahogany, Rosewood and Sitka Spruce.

Paul Whalen made an octagon Kitchen Table from Oak which he finished with clear Epoxy and Poly. He embedded pictures and favorite Bible verses of each family member on burned edge placards.

Anthony Watts presented his first carving, a Santa, from Basswood. It was finished with acrylic paint and satin lacquer.

Darrell Albert displayed 3 carved dished made from Chittum Burl and finished with Walnut Oil and Wax.

Chuck Taylor showed us his “Clobber” game board. He used 2 pieces of plywood with an oak frame. He chose satin lacquer and paint to finish.

Gary Runyon handmade 4 planes. For the jack plane he used Hickory, the block plane was from Maple, and the 2 finger planes were from Curly Maple. His Shoulder plane was made with Texas Ebony and Bloodwood. The spokeshave he brought was made from Apple and Mesquite. The shop knives he made from Pigeon wood and Curly Maple. All were finished with Minwax Antique Oil.

Gary also brought in Piggy No Wiggly Glue with instructions describing how to make it. Gary confessed he had not tried using or making the glue but that it worked much like hide glue but had a longer “open” time of approximately 20 minutes.

Vince Zaccardi turned a Walnut platter finished with Precat Lacquer. His Mallee Burl was finished with Danish Oil. He also showed a saltshaker from Ambrosia Maple which he finished with Shelwax.

Thank you everyone for sharing your great works.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Next Meeting is January 16th, 2024.