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Contacts for supplies and service

  •  Warren County Electric Motors 931-934-3058 PO box 165 McMinnville TN 37111 Electric Motor Repair inclucing bearings and rewiring
  • Saw blade sharpening:  Ken Daniel. location is 2007 Ovoca Road, Tullahoma. Phone – 931-455-5024, cell – 931-247-4753.
  • George Oleksik 9455 Sparta Hwy, Rock Island, TN 38581
    931-686-8665 — Powermatic scratch and dent plus lots of other handy tools and supplies
  • Special Hardware like left handed nuts – Eaton’s Home Center, 1084 Murfreesboro Hwy, Manchester, TN 931-728-3238 has LEFT HANDED NUTS in their specialty hardware section.
  • Welding services.
    B.G.’s Welding 931-967-4073 or cell 931-581-0668 has in-shop welding for Aluminum and Stainless Steel and silver soldering and brazing.  Also has Portable rig for onsite repairs.  Ask for Buddy Gardner.
  • Auto parts stores (OReiley’s, AutoZone, AdvancedAuto)  — Many helpful items. Examples:  Paint filters, Belts for Stationary Tools (try the serrated belts for smooth operation), abrasives, polishing equipment (try their low cost buffers and buffing supplies for your wax jobs and rubouts), etc.
  •  ROGERS KILN DRIED LUMBER, Estill Springs TN — 931-649-2887 –