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Newsletter Vol 38 / Issue 02


February is upon us and by the time you read this newsletter Valentine’s Day may have come and gone. I hope you remembered the one who takes care of you. Whether it be wife, husband, parent, or friend. “Always take care of the one who takes care of you.”

I plan on bringing to Show & Tell little Valentine gifts I’ve made for my wife over the years.

BTW, February is a short month, so this will be a short newsletter.

Let’s get started with SPLINTERS.

January 2022 Meeting

Tony Murphy did a great job presenting his program on making a bar stool.

February 2023 Meeting

The February program will be “Social Hour.” This is something new the club is trying. The idea is, once a quarter, we’ll take  time to socialize and get to know each other,

 January 2023 Show & Tell

Here are the items that were shown in January.

Paul Jalbert made snowshoes out of oak and bent the frames in his homemade steam machine made from a refurbished coffee pot. (Pic3)

Joe Little showed star segmented and a ring segmented bowls, made of various woods and finished in lacquer.

Mickey Knowles showed a set of salt and pepper grinders. One was made with Walnut (for pepper); the other was Maple (for salt). He used sanding sealer and lacquer to finish.

Anthony Watts showed us 3 shaker Boxes in Cherry and finished in oil. He also showed us 5 compound cut ornaments made of cedar.

Jim Jolliffe shared 3 caricature carvings; a woman, a pilot, a Mountain man all carved out of Basswood and finished in BLO, acrylic paint and matte spray.

 Internet Links of Interest

No actual link this month, but Eric Strotheide sent me this info. He didn’t send the link for the article and this is just a portion of the text he sent. However, if you do a search for The Claxton Spear, you’ll find a plethora of information on this early tool. I probably read over 30 minutes before getting back to the newsletter.

“The oldest man-made object on earth, sits in a display in the Natural History Museum, London.

This stunningly well-preserved spear point is by far the oldest known wooden tool ever found, it was made over a hundred thousand years before anatomically modern humans first appeared on the scene, by some early ancestor of our species, a clever Hominin with a penchant wood carving.

Made from Yew wood, skillfully carved by razor sharp worked flints and shaped into a stout spear, a tool made for hunting the large prey of the land bridge between Britain and Europe.”

Carver’s Corner

The Splinter Carvers continue to meet first and third Saturdays of the month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am (whether Jim’s there or not).  The shop is located at 201 Jolliffe Acres Ln, Tullahoma. Tools and wood are available at the meetings, just bring yourself and try your hand at carving!

Sweeping Up

For your consideration – Some Valentine humor.

Watch out for SPLINTERS.

Submissions to the newsletter are more than welcomed. Send funnies, tips, or other content that may be of interest and you may see it in a future edition of SPLINTERS.