Minutes 2020-01

TVW Minutes January

January 21st, 2020 Meeting


Carl Blumenthal opened the meeting at 6:30.

2020 is the TVWW’s 35th Anniversary! To celebrate our history, we are planning a “Members to Remember” program to showcase past members and their works. We are seeking volunteers who know the past members and can discuss their woodworking passion and projects. Please let Carl or any other club officer if you have an interest in recognizing a “Member to Remember”.

Carl welcomed visitors and newcomers to the meeting. John Hartin introduced Charles Colvin, his brother-in-law from Augusta GA. Eddie Partin from Tullahoma is a visitor who restores furniture.

Committee Reports

Carl reported the Executive Committee approved a $500 donation to Rob Cosman’s Purple Heart Project Mission. The Purple Heart Project Mission is to: Introduce physically or mentally combat Wounded Warriors, still suffering from the negative effects of combat, to the peace and joy that can be found through the therapy of traditional hand tool woodworking. In addition to the Club donation, Members are welcome to contribute additional donations via Paul Jalbert at the January and Gary Runyon at the February meeting. After the February meeting, Gary will pledge the total amount on behalf of the TVWW and the Members’ contributions.

Vince Zaccardi brought TVWW brochures and business cards we can distribute to prospective members or interested businesses.

Treasurer Paul Jalbert noted that 2020 dues are due as of November 2019, so please pay yours if you haven’t.

Jim Jolliffe noted the Executive Committee met 14 Jan and approved the 2020 budget. The Executive Committee minutes are on the website.

Jim also noted that Carvers’ next meeting is Saturday, Feb 1st at his shop from 8:30-10:30 AM.

Richard Gulley noted hardcopy newsletters are up front and the softcopy was emailed to all members.

Doyle McConnell reported Shop tours will resume soon and is considering Jeff Roehm’s and Dean Lutz’s shops in Monteagle.

Tips and Tricks 

Carl presented Tips, Tricks and Jigs. His “life hack” is a repair tip for towel bars and toilet paper dispensers. Cut the existing drywall stud to stud. Replace the removed drywall with 1/2” plywood. Tape/mud the plywood just like drywall. The plywood allows mounting stability and flexibility beyond just stud mounting.

Marvin Miller uses a jig for his table saw. He uses a magnet and a dial indicator to set his fence. Very handy and precise!

Safety Mentor Ken Jordan provided a Safety Tip. A Contractor’s First Aid Kit from Amazon (link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006RNSPYM/ref=emc_b_5_i) for under $25 that is enough for a team of 25. It is in a metal case, can be mounted on your wall and is a close out item. Buy now!!!

Other Business

Carl announced the need for a Club Publicity Chairman. We have a need to attract more (and younger) members to the club to continue to grow the club. He presented that it should be a relatively new club member, who is computer-savvy who could help. Facebook/Instagram/Radio Public Service Announcements were suggested. Carl proposed EC Design and Print present shirt/hat printing capability and that he would reach out to Jaime Casteneda, EC Design and Print Owner, to see if he could attend the February meeting to present options. Could be our logo and/or website. Great advertising approach.

Clay Cooper proposed a club member T-Shirt Design Competition. Feel free to send your ideas to Carl or bring your ideas to the February meeting.

 Martha Rice volunteered to assist Karen Browning on the Annual Picnic and Christmas Party. We are still seeking non-club officers (please) to be Chairmen for the Club Auction (August 18th Program) and September Seminar (September Date is TBD).

The full club 2020 schedule is at the end of these minutes.

Show and Tell

Matt Brothers showed the finished Queen Walnut Bedroom Suite with Maple inlay complete with matching end tables. Finished with lacquer.

Doug Dunlap showed his 4th box he made for his grandkids out of chestnut with a Jatoba top. He put a felt bottom in the box. He used finger joints for the box and showed the jig he used to make them and finished it with Danish Oil.

Marvin Miller showed turned acorns made of walnut and poplar with Johnson was on the acorn top and beeswax on the poplar bottom. He showed a walnut pepper mill finished with rub-on poly and the peppermill inserts. He also showed Robert Sorby tools he used for texturing.

Darren Earle showed a cherry bowl he turned. He also showed a Ukibori “pimpling” technique. He used different sized nail sets to make indentations. He then “planed” the turning to the dimpled size. He then added water which decompressed the dimples into raised “pimples”. He finished the bowl with Danish Oil.

Jim Jolliffe showed a wood spirit carved in Cottonwood bark. No finish applied to the carving.

John Hartin showed two cherry bowls he turned. He discussed the texturing method with tissue paper and artist’s vinyl paint. He finished them with Danish Oil.

Richard Gulley showed an S-helical jointer cutter head. He ordered from Holbrin in Florida. Quite a protracted delivery with the company finding it buried in their warehouse and shipping it to him several months after ordering. Customer service isn’t what it used to be….

Mickey Knowles showed a spalted Silver Leaf Maple bowl. It was very light weight when he got around to working it. He increased the lathe speed to 1800 rpm to allow the wood to be worked. He also showed a segmented bowl that was primarily butternut with walnut and white pine inlays. It was turned at 1800 rpm to allow the best results. He finished both with sanding sealer and lacquer.

Karen Browning showed family heirloom marquetry pictures. Marquetry is done with different wood veneers in two dimensions (2D) as opposed to intarsia, which is more “3D” approach with different wood species.

Dave Duesterhaus showed shoulder planes he made for he and his son. He used maple and ironwood and finished with them with Danish Oil. He bought the plane blades from Woodcraft.

January Program – Davie Ashley Sawmill

Davie “Peanut” Ashley provided an overview of his Sawmill operation. They have been in business since 1972. They are located at 12x Sawmill Lane, Elora TN 37328. They have white and red oak, cherry, poplar, sassafras, maple, Eastern red cedar, butternut and white pine. Can do custom flooring boards. Open 7-4 M-F and 7-11 on Saturdays.

He can provide anything you need from 1-2 boards or 1,000’s of board feet. He can provide green or kiln-dried wood. He doesn’t cut quartersawn lumber but has a partner mill who provides it for him. He has a staff of 54 who are actively harvesting timber with up to 10 active crews simultaneously. Please consider buying your wood from him!


The 2020 schedule of Club Activities is shown below:

Tennessee Valley Woodworkers Calendar 2020
Month Meeting Carvers Mtg Club Events (Club events take priority over Carvers)
January 21st 4th & 18th  
February 18th 1st & 15th  
March 17th 7th & 21st  
April 21st 4th & 18th Turning Bee – April 25th
May 19th 2nd & 16th Turning Bee Backup – May 16th. Club Picnic, May 30th
June 16th 6th & 20th Club Picnic Backup Dates – June 6th or 13th
July 21st 4th & 18th  
August 18th 1st & 15th Auction August 18th Meeting Program
September 15th 5th & 19th Seminar date/location to be determined
October 20th 3rd & 17th Heritage days October 10-11, Annual Tool sale Oct 24th
November 17th 7th & 21st  
December 15th 5th & 19th Christmas party 5th . Decorating Friday the 4th.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10.  The next meeting is February 18th.

Respectfully submitted.
Jim Jolliffe, Secretary
Tennessee Valley Woodworkers