Newsletter Vol 38 / Issue 03


Well, as I write this, it’s the afternoon of “Spring Forward.” I made through church without sleeping (at least not too much.) But I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist the call of the recliner the rest of the afternoon. I’d sure like to get a good start on the newsletter though.

Before we get on with the newsletter, I’d like to thank Gary Runyan for hosting John Hartin, Jim Jolliffe and myself to an impromptu shop tour Saturday afternoon.  It’s interesting to hear the history of how a person’s shop came together. A shop definitely reflects the interests of the owner and, to some extent, the stage of life one is in. On the way back, Jim and I stopped by John’s for a quick tour of his house and shop.  The house was maybe one of the most comfortable houses I’ve ever visited. Much like a favorite pair of shoes that have formed themselves to your feet, it just felt good. His shop was small but suited him fine for the things he makes now. Your sure can’t argue about the quality that comes out of his shop. Thanks again to Gary, John and Jim (the driver) for a great afternoon of good fellowship.

Now let’s get started with SPLINTERS.

February 2022 Meeting

For a first-time event with very little planning, I think the Social Hour was a success! Folks just seemed to gravitate to a conversation that was interesting or maybe someone asked how to solve a problem. It seemed like no one was in a hurry to go home.

March 2023 Meeting

The March program will be presented by Bill Listell on banjo making.

February 2023 Show & Tell

Here are the items that were shown in February.

Matt Brothers & Darren Earle: Matt came by some timber (Kentucky Coffee wood, I believe.) He had a small piece of the wood and several pictures showing the logs being milled by Darren Earle. (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3)

Paul Jalbert: Showed 2 love spoons. The Mother Spoon was made with Basswood. The Rosebud Spoon was made with cherry. Both were finished with Danish Oil.

Bryan Gordon: Showed what can go wrong when you lose focus. He was making a hummingbird house. He had drilled out the inside and made a plug to use when finishing on the lathe. Then, Bang! He forgot to use the plug. Fortunately, no injuries.

Mickey Knowles: Showed us his Walking stick made of Native Alaskan Willow wood and finished to a high gloss.

 Richard Gavagni: Shared a yarn bowl, a candle holder, and a cutting board. All were finished with Sanding Sealer and Lacquer.

Gary Runyon: Turned a cherry bowl which split. He used un-brewed coffee grounds and CA glue as a filler. He also showed us Fiber Diz’s sets made from multiple woods. Each Diz has a different size hole in the center to allow for spinning yarn into various thicknesses. Gary used Dr’s Woodshop Finish. (Pic1)

John Hartin: Turned a cherry bowl finished with oil/varnish. He also had a unique texture in the lid. He cut up old shop rags, dipped them in black paint, and put on the lid to dry in place.

Bill Guffey: Shared with us 2 walking sticks made with walnut and finished with Sanding Sealer and Lacquer.

Chuck Taylor: Brought a set of 48 ABC blocks complete with their own storage box. The blocks were made using Bradford Pear, Maple and Cherry and were finished with lacquer. He also displayed the International Standard describing colors and proper reverse letters, numbers or symbols.

Richard Gully: Brought several valentine ideas which he had made over the years. Finished with rattle-can lacquer. He also displayed a sign made from Ambrosia Maple with his CNC machine, finished with oil.

Jim Jolliffe:  Shared photos of making pocket doors with friends, using pine and plywood with no finish as the friends are painting the doors.

Internet Links of Interest

From Wood magazine website – a slideshow on jig building-

Jig Lovers Special | Wood (

Carver’s Corner

The Splinter Carvers continue to meet first and third Saturdays of the month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am (whether Jim’s there or not).  The shop is located at 201 Jolliffe Acres Ln, Tullahoma. Tools and wood are available at the meetings, just bring yourself and try your hand at carving!

Sweeping Up

For this month’s humor, we’re having leftovers. Here are a few funnies I haven’t used in the past months. The first is a valentine reject.


This one is for you pet lovers:

Finally, from the miscellaneous department:

Watch out for SPLINTERS.

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