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Newsletter Vol 36 / Issue 01


December has been a trying month for the Gulley family. I tested positive for COVID-19 a couple days before Christmas. Later my daughter and grandson also succumbed. Christmas was postponed and everyone was in quarantine. We’re finally having Christmas tonight (Jan 12th.) But the good news is, everyone survived! Even better good new, 2020 is behind us. And while 2021 isn’t off to a roaring start, it’s a new year and holds the promise of what we make it. So find yourself a plan and head toward the shop.

But first, let’s get started with Splinters!

Zoom Meeting January 19

We will have our first Zoom Meeting and Super Show and Tell on Tuesday, January 19th from 6:30-8:30.  Please join us by following the instructions below to:

  1. By Sunday, January 17th – Provide pictures and descriptions of your “Super Show & Tell” items by Sunday, January 17th to or Descriptive information for each photo/related set of photos should include:

Woodworker Name: 
Project Name:
Wood(s)/Materials Used: 
Finishes applied:
Lessons Learned (if any): 

  1. To join this meeting, you need to download and install the Zoom application to your computer before meeting time. Go to and download/install the Zoom Client for Meetings.
  2. On Tuesday, January 19th, join the Zoom meeting any time after 6 PM. Use the following link or the link sent to you by email.

  Once there, simply click on the link below “Join Zoom Meeting” to join the meeting.  The Zoom app will ask if you want to “Open”.  Click on the “Open” button and a window will open with your camera showing you only and a highlighted button to “Join with Video”.  Select this option to “enter” the meeting room.  Once you’re in, you see In the lower left corner of the window a microphone icon with a red line (UnMute) over it and video camera with a red line (Start Video) over it.  If you click on each icon, the sound and video will come on for you.  In the upper right hand corner, you will see a set of 9 squares in a 3×3 pattern.  Click and hold on it and it will give you the option of a “gallery” or “speaker” view.  I recommend “gallery” view.  No special passwords or meeting information is required!

Looking forward to our first Zoom Meeting!

January Show & Tell

Several folks have sent me pictures of what they’ve been working on during the pandemic. The pictures can be seen on the website Gallery and links are in the online newsletter.

Walt Elliott – Walt says “As a new member and a new woodworker, I am amazed at the talent of so many members!

My woodturning background consisted of turning 2 bowls–one with the help of a friend from Athens TN a few years ago and one with the help of Doyle McConnell after moving to Manchester — both done on their lathes. It was so enjoyable, I started looking for a used Powermatic lathe and when the pandemic hit, took the plunge and bought a new one in May 2020. Since then, I’ve turned about 30 bowls: learning mainly from trial and error and YouTube videos.

I’m definitely still on a big learning curve but am really enjoying it. And looking forward to when the club can resume meetings.

Although not done within the last month, attached are a few examples–all done since last May. The bowls range from just over 3″ diameter to just under 17″ diameter and from just over 1″ deep to almost 7″ deep.” (Pic1Pic2Pic3Pic4)

Richard Gulley – Last month I showed pictures of an unfinished CNC carving the I made for Jack Kincella’s church. My wife liked it so much, I made her one for a Christmas present. Jack was kind enough to finish it for me and he did a great job, as usual.

Loyd Ackerman – Loyd says “The need for an organizer in my den drove me to this design.  It has 10 drawers for storing the odds and ends in an organized manner.  I’ve included a map/index to tell what’s in each drawer.  The drawing from Sketchup is beside the picture I took in the shop.  The other shot is in my closet storage area. ”

 Loyd also sent a picture of Christmas presents sitting on the dining room table ready to be wrapped.  He says the open bowl [left front] decided to stay on his display shelf.  Some things just call out to you.

Ross Roepke – Ross has been a member of the club for many years and has been as prolific as any hobby woodworker I have known. Ross sent me just a small sample of projects he has made over the past 25 years and given to friends, family, and charities. (Pic1Pic2Pic3Pic4Pic5Pic6Pic7Pic8Pic9Pic10Pic11Pic12Pic13, , Pic15Pic16Pic17Pic18Pic19Pic20Pic21Pic22Pic23Pic24Pic25Pic26Pic27Pic28Pic29Pic30Pic31)

Vince Zaccardi – Vince was commissioned to make several crosses (the number kept increasing.) Vince and I enjoyed working on the crosses together. They’re made of cherry. The text is CNCed and the joinery is mortise and tenon cut on the pantorouter.

Safety in the Shop

I recently had a close call in the shop. Here’s what happened: I was jointing several pieces and had on a long sleeve shirt. (Any red flags yet?) Faster than a blink, my red shirt started flying out of the jointer and I jerked back as hard as I could. After it was over, my right sleeve was about 9” shorter than the left. I’m thankful for a sharp helix head that cut rather than winding me up. I’m thankful for a VERY old red long sleeve shirt that ripped instead of winding me up. But mostly, I’m thankful for a heavenly Father that watches over young children and idiots. I’m 68 so that excludes me from the first group.

 Internet Links of Interest

This link from Pete Miller – A couple beginners turning videos from Craft Supply.

Working with natural edge slabs – This Wood magazine web article give some tips for working with slabs.

TVW YouTube Channel

This month’s video was inspired by a 2012 seminar where club members met and constructed a Longworth chuck. In this video, Loyd Ackerman expands on the process.

Carver’s Corner

The Splinter Carvers continue to meet first and third Saturdays of the month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am (whether Jim’s there or not).  The shop is located at 201 Jolliffe Acres Ln, Tullahoma. Tools and wood are available at the meetings, just bring yourself and try your hand at carving!

New Klingspor Representative

Jack Kincella has been working closely with our new Klingspor representative, Jeff Ridenour. To see this month’s specials use this link:

Sweeping Up

How about a couple New Year Resolutions —

That’s all for this month. Watch out for SPLINTERS!

Submissions to the newsletter are more than welcomed. Send funnies, tips, or other content that may be of interest and you may see it in a future edition of SPLINTERS.