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Newsletter Vol 35 / Issue 07

Splinters July 2020

Volume 35 / Issue 07


The Executive Committee would like your opinion on reopening our club meetings. Would you attend an August meeting if it was held? What precautions do you think we should take to assure a safe meeting? Contact Exec Committee members with your input. They will be meeting to formulate a reopening plan. Now let’s get started with this month’s Splinters!

Looking Back

  • Nothing to look back to?

Coming Events

  • One fine day– we’ll have a Tennessee Valley Woodworkers Club meeting. The program will include a Super “I Survived Covid19/and Riots” Show & Tell! Don’t miss it!!
  • Summer/Fall Events – will be rescheduled in late summer – early fall.

 TVW YouTube Channel

In this month’s video, Tom Cowan is given a tour of the Marugg Company in Tracy City, TN by owners Andy Weaver and Dean Lutes.

June Show & Tell

Several folks have sent me pictures of what they’ve been working on while “Sheltered in Place.” The pictures can be seen on the website Gallery and links are in the online newsletter.

Chuck Taylor – Chuck made the following items for a benefit auction. They are all made from a 100-year-old oak floor joist from the Ivy Bluff church building when they rebuilt the auditorium in 2018-2019. Finish is satin lacquer.
1. Small mantle clock with walnut base and rim around clock insert
2. Desk clock with walnut rim around clock insert
3. Desk clock
4. Platter
5. Display (Showing one of five signed click pens)

Gary Runyan – Gary’s latest projects are finger jointed storage boxes in cherry, black walnut, and white oak, 9 boxes total. Finished in Minwax Antique Oil.

Loyd Ackerman – A box for Loyd’s granddaughter’s 8th Birthday present. The top has a carousel horse carved with the CNC. The inside flocking is done with green water-based enamel and green flocking fibers. Finish is satin lacquer from rattle can – 4 coats
These two segmented vessels are much smaller than his past versions – about 6” tall.  Loyd says “I wasn’t crazy about how the shape of the first vase, so I reordered the ring order to come up with the shape of the second vase. Each vase has 11 rings with 12 segments. Material is maple and walnut. The finish on both vases is gloss lacquer from rattle cans – four or five coats – polished with Beal system.
Butler Tray in progress – Red maple with brass hinges [when finished]. This is a lesson in how not to approach a new project.  The embedded hinges require a mortise that just fits and I learned that not all end mills – and CNC machines – are all that accurate.  It took some experimentation before finding a setting that worked without gaps. 

James Rice – Martha, Jim’s wife, says “Jim made me an island for our small kitchen.  He made it out of pine to my specifications, as I like the variations in the wood. It has five drawers and he still needs to make the two doors that cover the pull-out shelves. (Pics 1, 2, 3, 4)
He stained with Minwax Golden Oak. He used three coats of Varathane Satin to finish the oak top and sides.
Although the wood was not his first choice, he made it to please me.  You know, happy wife . . . . 

 Richard Gulley – A friend and I, along with the pastor, installed the barn door at the Cowan Church of the Nazarene a couple weeks ago. It was well received.
The DIY CNC is coming along. I installed a sheet of ¾ MDF and inset T tracks. Then I glued ¾ MDF strips between the tracks for a spoil board. I’ll level the bed with a 2” mill, then cut a 2” grid using a 60-degree V bit.

Internet Links of Interest

This month I have three turning links for you and a skill building tip for quick setup finger joints.

Dyed Shavings and Total Boat Resin Vase

Negative Rake Scrapers

SHEAR SCRAPING by Reed Gray aka Robo Hippy

Quick setup for table saw finger joints

Carver’s Corner

The carvers are meeting again. Jim says, weather permitting, they can support carving both inside and outside.  

The carver’s meet first and third Saturdays of the month from 8:30 am to 10:30 am.  The shop is located at 201 Jolliffe Acres Ln, Tullahoma. Tools and wood are available at the meetings, just bring yourself and try your hand at carving!

Sweeping Up

Pinterest is a bottomless well for almost everything – especially humor.

     In honor of Covid19 –                             For  folk that work with pallets


 finally, a July 4th tribute …


That’s all for this month. Watch out for

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